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“the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties” The Oxford Dictionary


Our Children

  • Do not give up even if things are really difficult 
  • Understand that mistakes help you to improve
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Support and encourage our friends when they find things difficult


Our Staff

  • Model making mistakes and how to learn from them
  • Model having a growth mindset
  • Model keeping going even though you find it tough
  • Ensure that the curriculum is accessible through informed adaptation and scaffolding
  • Create a classroom ethos of support and encouragement among adults and children


Our Leaders

  • Demonstrate through their actions, how to keep going and work through challenging situations and tasks
  • Admit to, and share, their challenges and mistakes, and what they have learned from them
  • Identify and celebrate groups and  individuals who achieve success through determination and hard work


Our Parents

  • Demonstrate to their children that you do not give up when things get tough or you make mistakes
  • Encourage their children to keep going, and praise them when they do


Our Governors

  • Provide visible support and encouragement to school leaders and staff to keep going and overcome challenge
  • Celebrate the achievements of groups and individuals who achieve success through determination and hard work