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“the situation in which everyone is treated fairly according to their needs”  The Cambridge Dictionary


Our Children

  • Celebrate the differences within our school community
  • Have open and enquiring minds
  • Understand that we are all different and may learn in different ways


Our Staff

  • Ensure differences are celebrated and valued
  • Understand and support the different learning styles within our school community
  • Provide the adaptions and support required to enable everyone to access our school community and achieve their best possible.
  • Have enquiring open minds to enable us to welcome and learn about the differences within our community
  • Are proactive in addressing issues of racism and discrimination


Our Leaders

  • Create a culture and ethos that values diversity providing teachers with the support they need to make adaptions to curriculum in order to provide for the individual needs of all children
  • Do not make assumptions about the needs and wishes of different groups within our community


Our Parents

  • Speak positively to their children about the differences between members of our community
  • Understand that these difference mean that some children may need different support and communicate this positively to their children
  • Actively support the school’s celebration of diversity


Our Governors

  • Understand that our community comprises staff and children with different needs and support the school in meeting those needs
  • Monitor, challenge and support the school to provide the adaptions in environment and curriculum required to make sure that every individual gets the appropriate provision to progress and thrive