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Attendance Policy

1. Introduction:

At The Harbour provision, we believe that regular attendance is essential for the overall well-being and educational progress of children with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) needs. This policy outlines our approach to monitoring and managing attendance.


2. Attendance Monitoring:

2.1 Recording Attendance:

  • Attendance records will be maintained for all children enrolled at The Harbour provision.
  • Staff will record attendance daily, noting any absences or tardiness.


Each child will have their own personalised timetables designed to meet their individual requirements and support their academic and personal development


The Harbour Full-Time offer: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:  09:15 AM - 2:45 PM

Thursday:  09:15 AM - 11:45 AM (PPA Thursday PM)


2.2 Age Group:

  • This policy applies to children aged 5-11 attending The Harbour provision.


3. Communication Protocols:

3.1 Parental Responsibility:

  • Parents and carers are required to inform The Harbour provision of any planned absences or unexpected delays due to illness or other reasons.


3.2 Contacting The Harbour:

  • In the event of an absence, parents and carers must contact The Harbour provision on the first day of absence to provide a reason.
  • If a parent or carer fails to contact The Harbour provision about an absence, the Harbour team will initiate contact to ascertain the reasons for the child's absence.


4. Notification to Referring School:

4.1 Referring School Responsibility:

  • The referring school remains responsible for the child's attendance throughout their time at The Harbour provision.


4.2 Communication with Referring School:

  • The Harbour team will notify the referring school only in cases where a child is absent from The Harbour provision.


5. Unsuccessful Parental Contact:

5.1 Referring School Notification:

  • If The Harbour team is unable to contact the parent or carer after reasonable attempts, the information regarding the child's absence will be promptly passed to the referring school.


6. Persistent Absences:

6.1 Review and Support:

  • The Harbour team will work collaboratively with parents, carers and the referring school to address any patterns of persistent absences.
  • Additional support and interventions may be put in place as needed to improve attendance.


7. Review and Amendments:

7.1 Regular Review:

  • This attendance policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.


7.2 Amendments:

  • Any amendments to the attendance policy will be communicated to parents, carers and the referring school in a timely manner.


By adhering to this attendance policy, we aim to create a supportive and structured environment at The Harbour provision, fostering positive educational experiences for children with SEMH needs.


Appendix 1


Partnership Agreement

This partnership agreement outlines the key roles and responsibilities for each party involved in a placement at The Harbour. All parties are required to understand and agree to this before signing. This will happen prior to commencing a placement at The Harbour.


The role of The Harbour Team

  • To be responsible for the delivery of a personalised curriculum for the child when at The Harbour.
  • To support the child with social and emotional skill development, based on the 6 core strengths strands.
  • To support the referring school in partnership by providing coaching and training.
  • To offer parents/carers advice, support and training.
  • To record and report school and parents/carers of any safeguarding concerns or other relevant information. 
  • To inform school and parents/carers that safe-holding may be used for co-regulation when reasonable, proportionate and necessary. This is supported by transparency of use, recording and communication.
  • To work collaboratively with all involved to support the child who is placed at The Harbour, including assessment, monitoring progress and attending relevant meetings.
  • To report any absence or attendance concerns to the referring school.


The role and responsibilities of the referring school

  • To organise transport with parents/carers to and from The Harbour.
  • To be fully engaged as partners with The Harbour during the placement, including commitment to the outcomes of the child and their reintegration back to school.
  • Senior Leaders have an expectation and commitment for change - within their own school context
  • To engage in TPP training and approaches. Ask for support if needed. 
  • Maintain the child’s sense of belonging to them as a school community whilst placed within The Harbour, e.g. school events, class photos, regular contact with peers, etc. 
  • To communicate fully with The Harbour, e.g. sharing relevant information, updates on wellbeing, etc.
  • To commit to a range of staff (SLT, teachers, LSAs) visiting the pupil while on placement to learn from and about the provision to ensure shared practice and long-term sustainability of the intervention. Times to be discussed agreed. 

Referring school understand their responsibility and duty to 

  • Monitor the attendance and act accordingly in line with the DfE guidelines. Pupil attendance at The Harbour will be marked using Code B (Educated off-site).
  • Inform the LA Education Access Team if there is a reduction in the school day, including completion of Exception Reports (this is not applicable for adjusted start and finish times at The Harbour)
  • Continue to lead on any Safeguarding concerns.
  • Continue to lead on the One Planning process.
  • Authorise a suspension should this be deemed appropriate.


The role and responsibilities of Parents and Carers

  • Engage in the support being offered and trust the ethos and approaches at The Harbour.
  • Agree to models of co-regulation being offered at The Harbour, including safe-holding.
  • Ensure your child arrives at The Harbour on time.
  • Ensure that they are picked up at the end of the session from the provision on time. Any alternative drop-off and pick-up arrangements must be agreed in advance with The Harbour staff.
  • Inform the school and The Harbour staff of any absence on that morning by contacting The Harbour by 09:00 am.
  • Ensure your child wears an appropriate school uniform.
  • Attend the review meetings and share relevant information as and when required.
  • Engage with support/training and be open to making changes at home in line with advice. 
  • Should the pupil need collecting early (illness, incident, accident) whilst attending the provision, parents/carers will be expected to collect their child. 
  • Parents/carers must understand that it is not an option to apply for a place at The Harbour, hosting school or name the hosting school on an EHCP. Should this take place, the placement at The Harbour will be terminated with immediate effect.
  • The understanding is that the child will always return to the referring school or alternative provision.
  • Be committed to building professional relationships with staff and be respectful when on the premises.


The role of the Pupil

  • To do my best to keep myself and other people safe.
  • Treat everyone (staff and students) within The Harbour with respect. 
  • To be open to new learning experiences.


Placement Cessation

The Harbour will always endeavour to maintain the placement as best as possible in the interests of the pupil. However, placement will be considered for cessation should:

  • The presenting behaviours of the pupil cause significant harm to others, cause significant damage to property, or cause significant harm to themselves.
  • The commitments within this Agreement are not able to be honoured or maintained by all the partners.
  • The needs of the pupil are not able to be met by the support available at The Harbour.

Notes regarding EHCPs

If an Education, Health and Care Plan Needs Assessment (EHCPNA) is agreed during the placement, the referring school remains responsible for this process. It may be agreed for the child to return to the referring school at this time.


The Harbour cannot be named in an EHCP as it is not a school. Naming Spring Meadow Primary School will not result in a long-term place at The Harbour.


The Harbour Team


I agree to The Harbour fulfilling the roles and responsibilities as outlined in this Partnership Agreement. 








Referring School


I agree to my school fulfilling the roles and responsibilities as outlined in this Partnership Agreement.








Parents / Carers


I / we agree to fulfilling the roles and responsibilities as outlined in this Partnership Agreement.










Pupil (optional dependent on age and understanding)


I agree to try my best during my placement at The Harbour