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“A strong desire to have or do something”  The Oxford Dictionary


Our Children

  • Believe in themselves
  • Set goals and have dreams
  • Learn from the examples of inspirational people from the past and present
  • See their mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Always want to go ‘above and beyond’ to achieve their best


Our Staff

  • Have the highest expectations, without exception, and provide the support and resources for children to achieve.
  • Encourage children to aspire beyond primary school, helping them to understand that aspirations continue as children leave us and can be linked to personal growth as an individual as well as career aspirations
  • Give every child the opportunity to surprise us and themselves with what they can achieve
  • Provide the environment and activities that allow children to succeed
  • Ensure all pupils are included and stretched in school academically and socially and emotionally


Our Leaders

  • Refuse to label children, teachers and parents
  • Make a point of noticing when a colleague has done well and encourage them to share so they realise how good they really are
  • Create and support a culture of continual improvement
  • Create and share the bigger picture of school improvement  so that everyone can make a contribution towards it
  • Create a sense of teamwork and collaborative working across the school and all its stakeholders


Our Parents

  • Refuse to label their children
  • Expect their children to achieve and praise them when they do
  • Have dreams for their children and talk to them about what they could achieve
  • Support and take part in their child’s school life and experience


Our Governors

  • Hold the school to account for setting and achieving challenging targets for improvement
  • Commit to finding out about the school in order to challenge underperformance 
  • Take responsibility for own development as a Governor and the continual improvement of the Governing Body