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Inclusion Team


The Inclusion Team will support and work with the most vulnerable families within our school community.   



We aim to do this by:


  • Ensuring that appropriate and personalised support for all of our SEND pupils is in place
  • Ensuring that our families feel supported
  • Embedding a Trauma Informed approach and developing the understanding and skill set of all staff
  • Helping our pupils to develop self-regulation techniques
  • Delivering social and emotional interventions for the identified groups of pupils
  • Supporting the social and emotional development of our pupils
  • Recognising and supporting those within our school community who are struggling with their mental health
  • Increasing the attendance of pupils who find coming into school difficult
  • Reducing the number of fixed term exclusions
  • Reducing the number of part-time timetables
  • Reducing the number of high level behaviour incidents

The Inclusion Team  is responsible for supporting the pupils with social and emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties, mental health issues, medical conditions as well as, those with SEND need.  This includes (it is important to note these are not in any particular order of importance):

  • Ensuring pupils and families are referred for further support from outside agencies as and when required
  • Investigating and overseeing Safeguarding issues as and when they are raised
  • Facilitating and leading Team Around the Family (TAF) Meetings 
  • Attending all meetings linked to Looked After and Post Looked After Pupils
  • Managing and working alongside a counsellor to support our pupils
  • Training, modelling and working alongside staff to develop  understanding of behaviour, mental health, social and emotional development and any SEND need 
  • Leading interventions
  • Working alongside speech and language therapists as well as specialist teachers
  • Supporting families by helping with food bank vouchers, delivering holiday food deliveries or arranging these as required.
  • Overseeing and supporting families with attendance issues
  • Supporting school refusers and their families
  • Supporting pupils during exclusion periods and when reduced timetables are in place
  • Supporting pupils being educated off site
  • Supporting pupils to attend school trips when their social and emotional or SEND need may make it harder for them to attend otherwise
  • Leading and aiding the transition for pupils moving onto secondary school at the end of year 6 and those starting Foundation Stage
  • Supporting families with health and development issues such as toilet training, sleeping patterns and eating difficulties
  • Delivering the ELSA (Emotional Learning Support Assistant) programme as a support intervention
  • Running, planning for and leading the Inclusion Hub based in The Lighthouse on site
  • Providing individualised plans to help support a child to engage with school
  • Using the Boxall Profile to assess a child’s social and emotional needs and then devise a learning plan to help support their development with these areas
  • Collating the one page profiles for all SEND pupils
  • Coordinating the One Plans and associated support for those pupils where this level of support is required
  • Requesting funding from outside agencies including the Local Authority to enable the school to put in place the appropriate support for the individualised support the pupil requires
  • Building trusting and collaborative relationships with the families of all our pupils
  • Meeting and greeting new families and ensuring they are welcomed not only to Spring Meadow Primary School & ‘School House’ Nursery but also to the local area.