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Nursery Sleep and Rest Policy

Our Nursery Sleep and Rest Policy can be downloaded here:


To make parents/carers and staff aware of our approach to sleep and rest opportunities at nursery and to ensure that all children get all the sleep they need whilst in our care.  We believe that children need sleep and rest periods to help with their development. This policy has therefore been developed to ensure all children are kept safe and their well-being is nurtured while they sleep and rest at our Nursery.


At Spring Meadow Primary School & School House Nursery we recognise that children can become very tired during the day and that it is necessary to provide all children with the opportunity to rest or sleep during their session if they require it.

We believe that every child’s needs are different and this is why we aim to provide flexibility and opportunities for children to take rests and naps as they need and desire.

The welfare of the child is paramount; it is very important for young children to get all the sleep they need.  Parents’ and carers’ wishes will be respected with regard to their children’s sleep requirements, provided that the child’s welfare is not compromised and comfort blankets and soft toys bring enormous comfort and reassurance to small children, especially when they are new to nursery and during rest and sleep times.


Sleep & Rest Discussions

When a child starts the nursery the parent/carer and key person will discuss the routines of sleep related to the child and record this on the personal information record. This will be updated at timely periods to review. If a child has an unusual sleeping routine or position that we would not use in the nursery we will explain our policy to the parents/carers.

We recognise parents’ knowledge of their child in regards to sleep routines and will, where possible, work together to ensure each child’s individual sleep routines and well-being continues to be met. However, staff will not force a child to sleep or keep them awake against their will.  They will also not usually wake children from their sleep. To help with the transition to Reception Class, in the Summer Term before school starts, older children will be encouraged to engage in activities consistently rather than sleep.


General guidelines


  • Staff are present in the Nursery at all times, and where possible a member of staff will sit with the child/children who are in the process of going to sleep.
  • Clean sheets will be provided for each sleep mat and washed regularly in non-biological washing powder.
  • Sleeping children will be placed on their own sleep mats. Sleep mats will be cleaned regularly and kept in good condition.
  • Nursery staff will position themselves to be within sight and sound of sleeping children so that they can monitor them.
  • Children will be monitored visually when sleeping and checks will be recorded every 10 minutes. When monitoring, the staff member will look for the rise and fall of the chest and if the sleep position has changed.
  • A change in sleeping positions will be documented on the safe sleep chart and initialed by the staff member.
  • When children are collected, feedback about their sleep will be given to parents and carers verbally by the Nursery Teacher or other member of staff.
  • A phone call will be made to parents/carers to arrange a collection of a child that may have fallen asleep due to illness or from feeling unwell. Temperatures will be taken also at this time.



The nursery will not provide dummies for children nor will the nursery introduce a child to a dummy if they have not used one before at home.

Parents are permitted to bring in a dummy from home for their child to use when at nursery during rest and sleep times.  If parents do provide dummies from home for their children to use at nursery, they shall also be asked to provide a hygienic dummy pot/ bag that seals in which the dummy can be sealed to store when not in use. 

Dummies are usually restricted to sleep and rest times. They are not encouraged at other times as they can hamper a child’s speech, interaction with others and are a major cause of speech delay.


Rest Areas  

Within the nursery there are quiet carpeted rest areas with soft cushions where children can go if they wish to rest and relax at any time of the day.


We provide a safe sleeping environment by:

  • Monitoring the room temperatures
  • Only having safety approved sleep mats that are compliant with British Standard regulations and are  used  in  conjunction  with  a clean fitted sheet.
  • Comforters will be given where required, based on prior discussions with parents/carers.
  • Keeping all spaces around mats clear from hanging objects i.e. hanging cords, blind cords, drawstring bags.
  • Having a no smoking policy.
  • Pillows will not be used.


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