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Nursery Mobile Phone, Camera and ICT Policy

Our Nursery Mobile Phone, Camera and ICT Policy can be downloaded here:



We take steps to ensure that there are effective procedures in place to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from the unacceptable use of mobile phones and cameras in the setting.


Mobile Phones

Personal mobile phones belonging to members of staff should not be used during working hours (except lunch breaks, away from the children) on the premises.

Mobile phones should be placed in a safe place at the beginning of the session.

Mobile phones may be used in the event of an emergency, in the upstairs office or outside the premises with permission from the Nursery Teacher; however, it is encouraged that in this scenario, calls should be made/received via the Nursery landline phone.

If mobile phones are taken on outings, these may only be used for emergencies.

Staff will not give their private telephone numbers to Parents/Carers. 

Members of staff MUST NOT use personal mobile phones as a photographic tool on outings or on the premises.

Parents/carers and visitors are requested not to use their mobile phones whilst on the premises, this includes video calls or face time, if visitors need to contact outside agencies then they are asked to take the calls  away from the nursery, using the telephone instead upstairs.


Cameras and recording devices

Members of staff must not bring in their own personal cameras or video devices into the setting.

Photographs and recordings of children must be only taken for a valid reason, (i.e. to be used to document observations/assessments and displays, within the setting) using the nursery tablets/IPads and cameras.

Only nursery cameras and recording devices may be used. 

For group photographs included in children’s personal learning journeys, permission will first be obtained from all parents/carers upon registration. All staff will be made aware by the Nursery Teacher, if permissions have not been given for children to be part of a group photograph. 

We request that parents/carers do not use any cameras or video recording equipment including those on their mobile phones whilst on the school premises for safeguarding reasons.


The use of ICT

ICT is used by staff in the Nursery on a daily basis.

ICT is of a great benefit in supporting a close partnership with parents/carers through the Spring Meadow Primary School & School House Nursery website and Tapestry Online Learning Journey.

Restrictions are in place on the internet to make sure inappropriate sites are not accessible.

Staff are not permitted to comment or mention any matters relating to the Nursery on any of their personal or social media sites.

Where a member of staff or volunteer has displayed inappropriate behaviour for sharing images of children or information, further action will be taken in line with staff conduct procedures.

Where a member of staff has been dismissed due to engaging in activities that caused concern for the safeguarding of children, we will notify the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) of relevant information, so that individuals who pose a threat to children can be identified and barred from working with these groups.

We ensure that all staff and volunteers know the procedures for reporting and recording any concerns they may have about the Nursery.


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