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We are committed to providing a quality teaching environment in which each child’s learning is challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and purposeful
We provide the children with the opportunity to develop according to their individual needs and ability offering a broad and balanced curriculum
We encourage the children to respect and appreciate their own and other people’s differences and similarities by showing understanding of the multicultural society in which we live
We care for your child’s happiness, safety and security
We help each child to develop within the school community and as an individual, behaving responsibly with consideration towards the needs and feelings of others
We foster and support supportive links with our local community
We develop contact with home so that parents and the school can work together for the benefit of each child
We foster skills for learning independently, with peers and adults encouraging in individuals confidence, discipline, motivation and where appropriate assertiveness so that children can become self reliant in their learning
We teach through first hand experience and develop knowledge of the environment through exploring, experimenting, identifying, choosing and extending
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