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The Year 6 Challenge

Week 9

Week 8


Can you work out these famous TV and film characters based on these pixel style artworks? Email your class email if you think you've got it!

Week 7 


This week you need to be using those BODMAS skills! Remember: Brackets, Orders, Division/Multiplication, Addition/Subtraction. 

Can you work out all three correctly? Email your class email to find out! 

Week 6


This week you will need to think outside of the box, so to speak, when trying to solve this challenge. Some are easier than others but they should get you thinking. See if you can challenge a family member to work these out too! Don't forget to email your teacher with how you got on!

Week 5


Another brain teaser for you! There's definitely something unusual with how they have numbered these car parking spaces. A very unusual number pattern indeed! Can you see work out what the missing number is? 

Week 4


This week we want you to think outside of the box. How can you use 6 matchsticks to make 4 triangles of equal size and shape? Can it be done!? (The answer is yes...) Why not grab some sticks or something similar you may have at home and give it a go practically? Let us know when you've worked it out! 

Week 3

Mr P has been making triangular numbers with the snooker balls. Take a look at the photos-can you figure out the triangular numbers he has made? If you're not sure how to do this, investigate triangular numbers first. 

Now see if you can work out the next triangular numbers in the sequence, what would be the 10th triangular number?

For an extra challenge can you figure out the Nth triangular number?

Now Snooker Maths

Week 2

Take a look at our dart board challenge...

Remember-the outer ring of the dart board is worth double points and the inner ring is worth triple points. If you're not sure of the other areas of the dart board and how many points they're worth, see if you can find out before you begin our challenge.

How many points did Mr P score when he threw three darts? Have a look at the photos. How could you make the same total by scoring on different areas of the board?


Our Next Challenge-Dart Board Maths

Week 1

Year 6 we challenge you…


Find our message to you hidden in our game of Scrabble.


Use the Scrabble tiles to send us a message!


We’d love to hear from you all, remember to send us your messages by emailing your class accounts: