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  • Whole School 93.8%
  • Reception Inida 91%, Egypt 87.8%
  • KS1 Netherlands 97.3%, Brazil 97.3%, Japan 94.8%, Mexico 96.2%
  • KS2 Canada 94.1%, Sweden 95.9%, China 91%, Australia 88.2%, South Africa 97.8%, Russia 96.9%, Italy 93.7%



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Year 4

All about Class 4 Seahorse

Our teacher is Mrs Lawrence. We are also very lucky to have two Learning Support Assistants, Miss Cooper and Miss Warnes, with Miss Cooper being our Midday Assistant as well.


In year 4, we aim to create a positive and enjoyable environment in which the children feel happy to learn and feel confident to challenge themselves.  Learning in year 4 is through a variety of ways such as group, pairs, class and independent work, it is also very cross curricular linking all our subjects together.


What will be coming up throughout the year?


The topics we will be covering throughout the year will include:

  • Autumn – Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Scots
  • Spring – The United Kingdom Past and Present
  • Summer – Our Local Area

Throughout the year class 4 will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of trips and activities to bring to life and consolidate the learning they are experiencing.


Our PE days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please ensure children have removed earrings on these days and they have a full PE kit. Earrings need to be removed as matter of county policy for health and safety.

Thank you for your ongoing support in this matter.


Home Study


Our Home study is given out on a Tuesday and is expected to be handed in on Mondays

Within our home study children are required to read every day for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This can be reading to an older sibling or adult. Please sign the reading record to say you, your child’s sibling or another adult has heard them read. This reading record is required in school every day as we do complete diary checks each week.


To help with homework here are some links to use for information gathering.




We have taken part in Art week recently and have had a brilliant time looking at and recreating art from different artists.  The children had the opportunity to work with a local artist who helped them create artwork using recycled materials. First the children had to drawn around a body, then fill the outline with recycled materials to create the shape.  This helped the children think about how much plastic we, as humans, are using within the world and how much damage it is doing to our planet.  The children really enjoyed working together in a team producing their art work.
We had a fantastic opportunity to watch the Jungle Book by M and M productions. The children really enjoyed watching the performance.
We had a fantastic day out visiting the Anglo-Saxon site, Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge. We had the chance to become Archaeologists and dig for artefacts We also listened to a very informative talk about the burial mounds and how they were discovered.