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World Book Day Activities

Author and Illustrator Academy EXPERT DINO-SPOTTING

Pencils at the ready! Jonny Duddle takes you back millions of years to go dino-spotting! Learn all about how Jonny’s love of drawing has inspired his books, including his Gigantosaur series. Drawing can be a way to bring your imagination to life – find out how Jonny does it here.




Click on the link to read Gigantosaurus Dino-Spot by Jonny Duddle.




Drawing What’s Around You


In the video, Jonny talks about how, since he was a child, he has enjoyed drawing the things around him – like birds and plants and trees. Sometimes he even imagines things to draw, like dragons, trolls and goblins!


What can you see around you that you might like to draw? Go on a treasure hunt to find some inspiration for things you could draw.


On a large sheet of paper, practice drawing the things you can see. Before you commit pencils or pens to paper, you might want to use string to trace the outline of your chosen things.


Then, add some new things from your imagination. What sort of picture can you create from putting together all your ideas?