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World Book Day

World Book Day

Today we are going to be thinking about our favourite stories. My favourite story is Supertato by Sue Hendra. What is yours?    


Task: Imagine you were a book character. Who would be?

Thinking about yourselves as a book character I would like you to rewrite your favourite story with you as a new character in the story. Your story does not have to be exactly the same.


If I was a book character I would be Super Hoover, the machine who could tidy any mess in a second! Here is my story:


It was midnight and all was quiet in the supermarket aisles. Everyone was asleep, apart from the ice lollies and the fish fingers in the freezers. They were still playing games and were wide awake. Whilst they played their games they did not notice the mess appearing in the aisles. Where was it coming from?


Suddenly there was a loud bang, a booming scream and a terrible splash. Someone had locked up all the vegetables, knocked over all the bottles of water with the melons and trapped all the fruit under a brown basket! “Help me” they all screamed but no one came. All they could hear was this evil, menacing voice “I’ve got you know. No one can hear you. You will all stay trapped here forever. Mwwwaahhhhhh”. The fruit all quivered, the vegetables all sobbed. Could they be saved from this terrible mess?


Luckily nearby, in the household aisle, a small quiet hoover sat listening. Could I save them? I am only a little hoover? she thought. She did not feel very brave all on her own. She has dreams of being a superhero one day. Super Hoover they would call her. The hoover who could clean up any mess or evil villain. “I know who can help me she said. Supertato!” So she jumped off her shelf and whizzed to the potatoes as quick as a flash. “Supertato” she shouted. “There is someone evil trapping all the fruit and veg. Can you help me?” she asked. “Of course I can” said Supertato. “Here is the plan. I will keep them talking whilst you sneak up behind them and hoover them up” Supertato explained. So off they went creeping along the aisles when all of a sudden they spotted Evil Pea by the tins. Supertato leaped out. “Oh it is you again is it causing all of this trouble I thought I had got rid of you the last time” said Supertato. “You didn’t do a very good job” replied Evil Pea. Whoosh! “Aaaarrrggghhhhh” screamed Evil Pea. Bravely Super hoover had slid silently up the next aisle and was now behind Evil Pea. “I’ve got you now” whispered Super Hoover as she used her super strong strength to hoover up Evil Pea. “You will be stuck in there forever!” Super Hoover said triumphantly.


Supertato and Super Hoover spent the rest of the night tidying up the supermarket with their friends. “It is hard work being a superhero but I love it!” yawned Super Hoover as she fell asleep.