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World Book Day

World Book Day

It is World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. It is a day where we share books and celebrate our love of reading. At Spring Meadow we are going to be celebrating World Book Day during the week of the 1st – 5th March. Every day there will be a different book day themed activity for you to complete. 


Today we will be thinking about the role of an illustrator. What is an illustrator? What do they do? Why are they important?


Illustrators bring the words of the author to life by drawing them using the adjectives the author uses to describe the character.  


Main task:

Today you will become an illustrator! Using the paragraph below I would like you to bring my character to life!  


Once upon a time there was a giant monster named Terrifying Terry. He was so gigantic that he towered over the tallest building in Monster City! Terrifying Terry had two long, scaly arms and two short hairy arms. His tall, gigantic body was like a long curly snake with legs! This made him very confusing to all the other monsters as his body parts did not quite match the rest of him! He had the smelliest breath in the whole of Monster City, some people said this was because his breakfast got stuck in his long green beard and his sharp poisonous teeth.


Do not forget to send your illustrations to the class email. I cannot wait to see how you have brought the character to life!



Extreme Reading Challenge


This year I challenge you to read in an extreme place at home or your daily walk. This is to show you that you can read anywhere you like! 


To take part you will need to get somebody to take a picture of you reading somewhere extreme. Please remember to keep safe taking your picture too. 


When you have a picture, email it to me at


Mrs Seacombe has a prize to be won for those who show the most extreme reading, go go GO! 


Here is my photo: 


You can check out other extreme readers at school here: 


Book Readings:

Follow the link below to listen to Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller.