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When you arrive

The way in and out for Dahl (6), Murphy (1), Blyton (1), Simon (R), Rowling (R) and Donaldson (KW)
Most of you will come in through the KS2 gate
Follow the arrows and you can't go wrong!
You will walk past Australia Class
Then around the corner past Italy Class
And onto the KS2 playground
Dahl Group should stop and wait on the lines here
Follow the arrows to the back of the school
Then walk around the corner
And along the edge of the field
Blyton and Murphy must wait on the KS1 playground
Donaldson must stand on the lines to wait
Now carry on into the Reception area
Rowling wait on the lines here
And queue along the fence
Simon group must wait on the lines here
Carry on out of the Reception gate to leave
The way in and out for Horowitz (6) and Fine (KW)
Come in through the main gate and wait on the yellow lines until it is your turn to come in to school.  Mum or Dad must then follow the arrows back to and out of the gate.
The way in and out for Potter and Seuss
Come in through the Nursery gate and follow the arrows
Stop at the corner and wait for your turn
Come out of the side gate
Then follow the arrows out of school