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What are we learning about?

This term, our whole-school big question is 'What is our world made of?'. We also have a whole-school topic of 'explorers'. Where possible, learning in all areas of the curriculum will be centered around this question and the theme of explorers. 


In China Class, lots of our learning will be based on the Vikings - who were skilled explorers, as well as being invaders and settlers. This will give children a greater insight into the history of our own country and of the wider world. In addition to this, science will offer a different perspective to this term's big question. We will learn about the different types of rocks and soils that our world is made of. We will also be learning about how fossils help us to learn about the different species of plants and animals that make up our world. Through Geography we will be exploring one of the continents that make up our word - South America. Finally, RE will offer us yet another way to explore our big question. Over the term we will be learning about two different religions that make up our world; these will be Buddhism and Christianity.


Here is some more information about what we will be covering in each area of the curriculum in Spring Term:


English (writing)

We will be reading, analysing, writing and editing the following genres of writing:

  • facftiles
  • historical narratives
  • argument writing
  • Shakespeare's Tempest
  • explanation texts
  • historical recounts
English (reading)
  • daily book share sessions to develop our comprehension skills and a love of reading for pleasure.
  • weekly comprehension lessons to expose children to alternative texts (such as non-fiction and poetry) and also develop their comprehension skills

We will continue to follow Maths No Problem and will be covering the following areas:

  • multiplication and division
  • statistics (bar graphs and line graphs) 
  • fractions
  • time
  • decimals

We will also have daily sessions to practise our times tables and a weekly session to practise our arithmetic skills. 

  • rocks, fossils and soils (Spring 1)
  • sound (Spring 2)
  • using search engines effectively
  • presentations
  • Vikings and Anglo-Saxons
  • South America, including the Amazon Basin
  • The Eightfold Noble Path and leading a good life - Buddhism (Spring 1)
  • The Last Supper and Forgiveness - Christianity (Spring 2) 
  • Drawing and sculpture
  • Food and nutrition (cooking)
  • Invasion games
  • Fitness
  • Basketball


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