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LO: I can discuss Viking Gods and Goddesses


The Vikings worshipped many gods and goddesses. Each of these gods had various characteristics, weaknesses and attributes. The gods possessed many human traits and could behave like humans. This is evident from the sagas and some rune stones, upon which the gods are depicted with human forms.


Please use the attached PowerPoint to explore and learn about some of the Viking gods and goddesses. Then create a fact file on a god or goddess of your choosing. In your fact file ensure you have drawn an image of your god/goddess, have stated their powers, what they are God of and any other information you would like to include.


You may also like to research other Vikings Gods and Goddesses such as Frigg, Baldr, Heimdall, Tyr, Skadi, Njord, Sif, Idun, Vidar, Bragi and Hel.


After, you may like to watch some of the Viking Sagas we have begun looking at in class to hear some more about the Viking gods and goddesses. https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/english-ks1-english-viking-sagas/zkyqd6f