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The Year 5 Challenge

Week 9

Week 8

This week we're going for a classic spot the difference - Can you find all 12 differences? Email your class email when you think you've got them all!

Week 7


Can you work out the missing weight? Use your math skills to calculate the missing information using the facts you can see!

Week 6


You'll have to use the left side of your brain for this task as it's responsible for logical thinking. Draw the dots out on a spare bit of paper and see if you can complete this challenge! Don't forget to email your teacher to let them know how you got on!

Week 5 

There are three glasses on the left that are full, and three on the right that are empty. You can only move one glass to make a row of alternately full and empty glasses. Which one do you move? (You might want to try this with real cups at home!)

Week 4


Another numbers challenge! Some simple adding for the first part although you may need to use column addition to add some of the larger numbers. How could you check your answers are correct without a calculator? (Use the inverse!)

For the second part, see if you can work out just how many triangles there are and then email Mrs Lampert to let her know!

Week 3 


For this challenge we would like you to get your mathematical thinking caps on! How many ways can you use these numbers to make a total of 24? Why not warm up by using the numbers in any order or place from the grid and then challenge yourself to make sure they are connecting? You can use any operation! 

Week 2

Mrs Lampert and Mr Sanderson have updated their challenge to you all!  They have come up with a 30 day drawing challenge, which should keep you very busy!  Each day for the next thirty days there is a new picture for you to draw and email to your class email.  We cannot wait to see you drawings each day!

Week 1

Mrs Lampert and Mr Sanderson have set a drawing challenge for Year 5.  You need to work out how to draw the picture in the photo with out lifting your pencil up off the paper.  It is very tricky and will need you to think creatively, but it can be done! 


If you think you have solved it or the challenge has beaten you and you would like to know how to do it, then email your teacher on the class email.  You might even want to see if you can draw a picture of your own without lifting your pencil.  Have a go and get in touch to share.