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The Year 1 Challenge

Mrs Wills and Miss Dare would like to challenge everyone in Year 1 to 'spot the differences' between the two pictures below.


Please email your answers to the class address:



Week 1

Week 2


Your next challenge is to build a robot using only 10 items of junk modelling. Have a look around your house and see what you can find. There are pictures below to give you some ideas.  


Remember to send a picture of your robot to your class email. We look forward to seeing your creations. 

Junk modelling robot

Week 3

Book Character Quiz

Can you name all of the book characters? There are 10 in total.

We are looking for character's names, not the title of the book that they are in. 

Remember to send in your answers to your class email. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Book character quiz

Week 4 3D shape hunt! How many 3D shapes can you find in your environment? Please see attached examples of what you may find either in the house or out on a walk. Can you record your findings on a tally chart?

Week 5 challenge! Inventor Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all of the items on this list? Happy hunting!

Week 6 - Home cooking challenge! Use the ingredients you have in the fridge to make a new healthy meal/snack!

Week 7 Movie character quiz! Can you match the character to the correct movie that they star in? Email over your list to see your what you score!

Week 8 Challenge!

Week 9 challenge!