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Listen, think, share


Have you ever had to follow any rules? What were they?

Explain that rules are instructions that tell you what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do.  


Look at resource 1, where some children share some of the rules they have to follow. Where do they have these rules? Can you think of any other places where we might have to follow rules?


For each rule on resource 1, think about why we have it e.g. no running at the swimming pool reduces the chances of slipping and hurting yourself and the set of rules for the UNO makes sure the game is played fairly. Explain that often rules keep us safe, help to keep things fair or look after something.


Think about some of the rules you have in school. Are the rules you have for the playground the same as the rules you have in your classroom? Why?

Who created the rules in your school? Did you decide some of your rules together? Are some of the rules decided by your teachers or even the government? Discuss who is responsible for the rules in your school.