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Stretch your Thinking

Stretch your Thinking 6


No matter how old you are or where you come from, you can always lead by example. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait until you’re older for someone else to make that path for you. Make your own path – and go for it!





The Wijsen Sisters - @BBPB_bali


Melati and Isabel were just 10 and 12 when they decided that something needed to be done about the state of plastic pollution on their home island of Bali. What started off as beach clean-ups quickly turned into a petitioning of their government to ban the sale or distribution of plastic bags and the founding of the charity Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

Bali officially became plastic bag free in 2018 and the entire country of Indonesia, home to over a quarter of a billion people, will ban the use of plastic bags and all single-use plastics from 2021.



Discussion Questions


1. In the UK, we charge for plastic bags. Do you think this is a better policy than simply banning them like Bali did after intervention from the Wijsen sisters? Why?


2. What do you understand about the environmental impact of plastic waste? Explain as fully as you can.


3. Why are community initiatives like beach cleans and litter picks so important? Have you ever participated in one?


EXT: Use the internet to research what happens to a piece of plastic waste thrown away in the UK.

Stretch Your Thinking 5


Creativity is universal, and can be found in places where you least expect.


Perseverance and passion are essential to nurturing that creative ability.


Kelvin Doe - @Kelvinbdoe

Kelvin was born into extreme poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world, Sierra Leone. Age just 10, he started work on a fix for the rolling blackouts suffered in his neighbourhood. He began collecting scrap metal and taught himself electronics and engineering. By 13, he had developed a home-made battery using tin cups, acid, soda and scrap metal and was able to power the houses in his neighbourhood. He then used recycled parts to build an electricity generator and radio transmitter, setting up a community radio station from which he broadcast as DJ Focus!

Discussion Questions


1. Of the things that you have read and heard about Kelvin, which do you think is the most impressive? Why?


2. Imagine that we suffered rolling blackouts and lack of access to electricity in this country. What would you find most difficult?


3. Do you think access to electricity should be considered a basic human need, like food, water and shelter? Explain your opinion.


EXT: Imagine you had access to a scrapyard. What would you collect and what would you like to build?

Stretch Your Thinking 4


This week I would like you to think about this question 'What is friendship?'. One reason we choose our friends is because we have the same interests as them. Would it be better to have friends who are different to us, so we can learn from them? Is it possible to become friends with an enemy? 

Charlotte's Web

Stretch Your Thinking 3


This week I would like you to continue thinking positively and think about this question 'What is so great about the world?'. If we take a moment to really look around us we can spot so many amazing things about the world. 

The Beauty Of Earth

Stretch Your Thinking 2


This week we are thinking about happiness. Does focussing on happiness make you happy? Is it possible to think yourself happy through positive thinking?


Try keeping a happiness diary and record one thing everyday that made you happy and one thing everyday that you are thankful for. Notice how positive thinking makes you feel. 


Mrs Nicholson's Happiness Diary Monday 18th January


Seeing happy smiling faces on our first Google Classroom meeting made me really happy. 


I am thankful to live by the sea and breathe in the fresh air everyday. 

Piper- A story of true happiness. ( Oscar winning animated short story)

This movie 'Piper ' has won the Oscar for best animated film.... It's duration is only 3 mins..... See how life can change when our perception changes. An ex...

Stretch Your Thinking 1


Watch the video and think about this important question 'Can kindness change the world?'


Do you think kindness can change the world?

Why do you think that?

What acts of kindness can you do to make the world a better place?

When You #CareEnough, You Can Change the World

See how small acts of kindness can make a big impact. Learn more at Hallmark.com/CareEnoughFollow us!Shop Hallmark - http://Hallmark.comHallmark Facebook - ...