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L.O. I can classify, identify and use my observations to describe a variety of different plants.


Explain to your child that they will be going to identify and name a range of plants, many of which they will know from Key Stage 1. Ask your child what types of plants they already know and make a list. 

Take your child into the garden and see which plants they identify outside. Get them to look for and name the different parts of the plants, including trees. Challenge your children to think about: How is each plant different / the same? How many different kinds of leaves can they find? Where are the roots? How do they know they are there? What is the stem like? How many different flowers can they see? How are they the same and different? On paper children can sketch the outline of trees, sketch plants and take a leaf or flower and press it in their book. Can they them label the different parts and does each plant have the same?