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In science we have been learning about forces. 


Please carry out this investigation at home, exploring the gravitational pull and how a pulley system works. Follow these instructions below to help you. 



After that, write a set of instructions for somebody else to follow and make their own pulley system. 

Lesson 2: 

As part of forces, we can also learn more about gravity. 


Click on the BBC Bitesize link to begin with and watch the video on gravity. 


Then, click on the word document with further information on gravity. 


Your final activity will be to investigate Galileo's discovery of the ball and feather, but also the bottle drop. 

Final activity



Galileo, who was a famous scientist, lived in the 16th and 17th Century. His ball and feather experiment (can you investigate this separately?) is one example of his discovery.


Another example of this, is to get 2 plastic bottles that are exactly the same size. 

You need to fill half of one plastic bottle and leave the other completely empty. 

Then, you need to drop the bottles at the same time from a range of different heights. 


What do you find? 


Challenge yourself by finding different heights, different sized water bottles and even different liquids - does this change your overall results? 


Write down your results in a recount of events.