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Research Challenge

Titanic Challenge

I challenge you to use your research skills and think about the work we have already done in class, to find out more about Titanic.

Here are some helpful reminders to get you thinking about how to gather information for your challenge:

Sections of a text

The opening of a text usually introduces the writer’s main topic or subject. In most text types, the writer wants to catch the reader's attention and hint at what is to come. If the opening is not effective, the reader might lose interest and stop reading.

The middle section is often a balance between liveliness and detail. It is where the writer must develop the main ideas and even include explanations and support. These will often be presented in stages or with several twists and turns of argument.

The ending generally sums up the main idea of the text, that is, its writer’s ‘controlling idea’. It can make a final point, or bring a conclusion, for example to a story.


Now think about the information you will gather and how you will present this.

Use these historical sources to gather information for your research about Titanic. Make notes as you listen and read.

As part of your research I would like you to include these different types of writing:

1. Write a diary account, imagine you are one of the workers watching the ship take shape. What did you see? What did you hear? What was it like? How did you feel during construction? Use the animation of 'How was Titanic Built?' to help you.

2. Imagine you are one of the passengers on Titanic, use the animation 'Who travelled on Titanic?' Write a postcard to send home about your journey.

3. Investigate Thomas Andrews using the video about his life. Add your findings to your research project, you can choose how you present this information.