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Reading and Comprehension


I would like you to choose a story to read from our Virtual library. Here is the link:

Click on the front cover of the story of your choice and remember that this can be recorded in your reading record.



The book we will be looking at this week is ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. The author of our story is Julia Donaldson and the illustrator is Axel Scheffler.

To begin we are going to recap the story and what we have read so far. I would like you to think about who are characters that we have met in the story so far? Where is the setting of our story? What has happened so far? 



Read the pages below.


Who do you think has made the marks in the snow? How do you know that? How do you think the Gruffalo’s child is feeling every time she finds more marks in the snow?

Did you guess correctly?

Answer these comprehension questions:


1. What do you think the Gruffalo’s child means when she says “It is all a trick!"?


2. What does the word ‘slunk’ mean?


3. What does it mean to believe?  


Task: What do you think the Gruffalo’s child should do now?

Write a sentence and draw a picture to describe what you think the Gruffalo’s child should do next.