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Reading Resources 


Learning at home is an excellent opportunity to support your child's reading progression. It is essential that children are reading everyday for at least 10/15 minutes. During this time children can read with an adult, a sibling or independently. Use this time to learn lots of new vocabulary and explore different text types, such as books, Ebooks, magazines, websites, newspapers, leaflets etc. 


Here are some ideas/tips for reading with your child: 


- Ask them questions about what has happened so far, what do they think is going to happen next? 

- Ask them what certain words mean. If they don't know the meaning encourage them to look up the word in the dictionary (if you don't have a dictionary look it up online). 

- Ask them about their favourite part or their least favourite part

- Ask them how characters are feeling and why they think that. 

- For Non-Fiction, ask your child to find certain information in the text. 

- Most importantly, share your love of reading and enjoy reading together. 


We know that children won't be able to change their reading book so we have included links to websites where you can access Year 3 reading guidance, free Ebooks and online reading content. 




The Word Collector by Peter Hamilton Reynolds

A boy loves collecting words. He gives his collection to the world so everyone can share their thoughts and feelings.