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Black History Month

Use your reading skills to investigate Black History Month.

We have been reading books from the Little People, Big Dreams series in class, here are some more about the lives of significant individuals.

Use your reading skills to investigate their lives, you can watch the videos below and read the book as you listen.

For each of the books use your reading skills to summarise the information.

Jot down your success criteria for how to summarise information-what do you need to do when you summarise? Use the video here to help you if you if you need a reminder.

Now investigate the lives of these significant individuals.

For each person please retrieve and summarise the information about their lives. You can choose how to present this, but I would like you to include:

An introduction about the individual.

A timeline of their life.

Illustrations with labels and a caption.

Key facts about them.

A concluding paragraph about why they are considered to be significant in history.

Little People, Big Dreams: Harriet Tubman.

Little People, Big Dreams: Martin Luther Kin Jr.

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Wilma Rudolph

"Little People, Big Dreams: Ella Fitzgerald" by Isabel Sánchez Vegara