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Noah Barleywater Runs Away


Feel free to get comfy, lay down, shut your eyes (whatever you feel comfy doing) and listen. If you want to follow along then the PDF attached has todays chapters included. You will want to use this to help you with your answers to the questions afterwards. Enjoy!


Noah Barleywater Runs Away - Chapter 20

Noah Barleywater Runs Away - Chapter 21

Noah Barleywater Runs Away - Chapter 22

Today's questions:


1) What do you think the old man thinks about Noah running away from home? Why?


2) How long had the old man really been gone for before he eventually returned home?


3) Why do you think he decided to work at the toy shop instead of continuing his passion for running?


4) Which of the old man's stories about the different puppets have you enjoyed the most? Why?


5) At the end of Chapter 21, the old man says he is trying to carve a puppet of himself. Why do you think he might be doing that?