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In our unit of R.E. this term, we will be focusing on the celebration of Passover and how it helps Jewish people to show God that they value their special relationship with him. Today, we are going to be finding out more about the Seder meal and what this represents.


Learning Objective: I can understand how the Seder meal helps Jewish people show God they value their special relationship with him;


Warm up: Think back to your home learning task from last week about respect, who do you respect and why? From this, how important do you think it is for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?


Once a year, in the Spring, Jewish families have a special meal called the Seder meal. This is eaten during the Festival of Passover. Watch the video below to hear the story of the Exodus from Egypt under Moses which explains why Jewish people have this celebration.

The Festival of Passover celebrates the danger passing over the Jewish people, which helped them to become free. Jewish people celebrate Passover as a thank you to God for helping to free them many years ago. During the celebration, the Seder meal is eaten. In this meal, each of the foods represent a part of the story.


Main activity: Watch the video clip and fill in the worksheet below. The worksheet is also attached to the document at the bottom of the page.


Challenge: Can you add a picture for each of the foods too?