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Lesson Objective: I can understand whether it is difficult to show friendship.


I would like you to think about the lesson objective and what the words highlighted in bold mean?


Difficult means ______________________________________________

Friendship is ___________________________________________


Difficult means finding something tricky. It is not an easy task/thing to do.

Friendship means different things to different people. Friendship is defined in the dictionary as a relationship between people built on trust and support.


Warm up: Can you create a mindmap about what friendship means to you?


Christians believe that Jesus is a good friend to them, but how did Jesus show this friendship and was it always easy?

Let’s now listen to these Bible stories about friendship. After each story I would like you to think about the following question: Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? Why? Why not?

  • Story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-9): Jesus showing friendship to someone who was isolated and unpopular.


Animated Bible story for kids based on Luke 19:1-10.

  • Stilling the Storm (Luke 8: 22-25) Jesus taking care of His friends during a dangerous time.

Jesus Calms the Storm

This story is based on Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25, and Matthew 8:23-27

  • Mary, Martha and Lazarus (Luke 10: 38-41) Jesus spending time with His friends at their home. (up to 2:20)

Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary | New Testament I Animated Bible | Holy Tales Bible Stories

Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary! Grand Old Holy tells a from Book of Luke 10:38, of Jesus visiting story of 2 sisters, Mary and Martha. - https://www.y...


Christians believe Jesus taught them they must always try to show friendship even when it is difficult, as that is what God wants them to do.

Main task: I would like you to write a sentence with your own thoughts on the following question:

When might Christians today find it difficult to show friendship and how would they ask God to help them?


I look forward to hearing your ideas.