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In PSHE our topic this term is ‘Dreams and goals’. In this unit of work we will be thinking about setting goals, learning how to support others to achieve their goals, exploring different ways we can overcome obstacles as well as learning how to celebrate our successes.


LO: I can set simple goals.


Today we will begin by thinking about being successful. Looking at the pictures below can you see success? Why do you think that person has been successful?

Thinking about your own experiences now I would like you to think about a time when you was successful. What did you achieve? How did it make you feel?

Task: Write a sentence and draw a picture to describe your success.


I would also like you think about a goal you would like to set yourself for the year. Think about something you can’t do yet but would like to be successful in achieving this goal. For example this could learning to ride a bike or maybe learning to swim with no arm bands.


Task: Write your goal on the coin.


Each sentence needs to start with ‘My goal is ……..’