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Listen, think, share

Recap on some of the rules we might follow in our lives e.g. rules at school, home, when we play games, laws. Why do we have these rules? Do these rules ever change?


Explain that rules can change. Why might they change? For example, the rules in a game might change to encourage more people to play or a new rule about running in school might be introduced if there are lots of accidents.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the rules have changed and been updated several times. How do people find out about these changes? Look at resource 2, which shares some of the ways people might be updated about rules changing. Can you think of any other ways we could find out about changing rules?


Discuss if we can always trust the rule updates we read, see or hear e.g. if someone tells you about a rule, will it be correct or could they have made a mistake? Can you always believe what you see on social media? Think about rules you have in school. Whose responsibility is it to find out about any rule changes you may have had recently? If you break a rule, but didn’t know about it, are you to blame? What are the consequences of breaking rules in school? Does anybody help you to follow rules?