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Long ‘oo’ digraph

Look at the ‘oo’ flashcards on the attached document. Select four of these and write them down – alternatively you could use the words you wrote down yesterday. Share the words with the children. Then grab five cups and put one of your flashcards into each of the cups, leaving one of them empty. Turn the cups over and move them around. Ask your child to close their eyes, pick a cup and read the word. When they have found all of the words hidden in the cups ask them if they can remember the missing word. The aim of the game is to try to guess the missing word as quick as possible. You could then repeat the game again, leaving a different word out.


Look carefully at the pictures below and read each word – can you circle the ones that contain the oo digraph?

Revisit & Review

Each lesson we begin by revisiting previous learning. We do this by attempting to identify the sound each grapheme (letter/s) makes. Before revising the tricky words we have learned.



Can you identify the sounds on the flashcards?

Before starting the game ensure graphemes from Phase 3 sets 6-9 are selected only.



Can you read the tricky words we have learned in class? Write down any you find tricky and come back to these during the day. Tricky words are words that cannot easily be sounded out as they contain sounds the children have not yet learned.