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Today we are learning the ‘igh’ trigraph. A trigraph is a grapheme that has three letters.


This video guides you through a whole phonics lesson as I would teach in school. I recommend stopping the video at 12:40 when the speaker begins to look at pseudo (also commonly referred to as ‘alien’) words. These are not real words. At Spring Meadow pseudo words are only used for assessment purposes only.

Pause the video if you would like to recognise each grapheme or read the words in your own time. Alternatively, if you would rather, I have attached interactive games and resources you may use instead. However, I do recommend watching the beginning of the video to hear the correct pronunciation of the sound along with the image and phrase we use to remember it.


Remember you do not need to watch the video above and access the games and resources below, I suggest you pick one. I have included both to give you a choice. J



Can you identify the sounds on the flashcards?

Before starting the game ensure graphemes from Phase 3 sets 6-9 are selected only.



Can you read the tricky words we have learned in class? Write down any you find tricky and come back to these during the day. Tricky words are words that cannot easily be sounded out as they contain sounds the children have not yet learned.


Practise & Apply:

Can you spot the ‘igh’ grapheme in the picture below? Can you write it yourself?


Here is a list of words containing the ‘igh’ trigraph. Print or copy these words onto paper (please add the sound buttons – the dots and dashes – below each sound as shown in the picture) and hide them around the house. Challenge your child to find and read the words. How many did they read correctly?

Challenge: Can you read and answer the questions below by segmenting and blending each word?

I have also attached a phonics sound mat below we are starting to use in class that shows the graphemes we have learned, the illustration we use to remember them and rhymes that help to write letter formation.