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I would like you to practise the alternative /a/ which makes an /ar/ sound. This sound is more commonly used by people who live in the south of England and can be found in the words ‘path’ and ‘grass’.


Circle the words below that use the alternative /a/ that sounds like /ar/, cross out the words that do not use this sound.



Now write a sentence using one of the alternative /a/ words above.


Challenge: How many of the alternative /a/ words can you include in a sentence? Draw a picture to go alongside your sentence.


Now use this word mat to sort all of these words into the sound they make. 


Today I would like you to read and practise your Phase 5 Tricky words. 


Remember, these are words that you can't sound out - because they have a tricky part in the word. 


These are your Phase 5 tricky words to practise today. 



Now can you read this story, it has these tricky words hidden in them! 




Finally, use this word search to spot them!