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Monday 22nd February 2021


This week I would like you to build an obstacle course either in your house or in your garden.


How many different ways can you move your body? Can you crawl, twist, climb?


Can you think of an obstacle that you need to stretch over?


Maybe you can create an obstacle that you need to slither underneath? 

Monday 8th February

Monday 1st February 2021


This week we are going to think about our fitness and different activities we can do to improve our fitness.

An adult will have to help you with using a stopwatch but can you see

  • How many star jumps can you do in one minute?
  • How many hops on one leg can you do in one minutes?
  • Can you do any press ups?
  • Can you jog on the spot for one minutes?

How does your body feel after you have completes all these activities?

Week beginning 25th January

Spell Your Name

Think about the spelling of your name or ask an adult to write your name on a piece of paper in a large font. Look at the shapes created by each letter- some are straight and some are curvy and some are a mixture of both.


Can you re-create these letters with your body standing up?


Can you re-create these letters with your body lying down on the floor?


Skill Tip: If you have a mirror the see how close you are to that letter. If you have a family member who can either take a picture of each letter or a video so you can see yourself.

Week Beginning 18th January 2021



How long can you last? Get an adult to time you to see how long you can balance for. 


Now see if you can balance on different parts of your body? How long can you balance on your toes or knee for?


When I balance I find one object in the room and concentrate at looking at that, It sometimes helps me stop wobbling.

When you are spending lots of time sitting and doing your work at home, it is good to get up and move around. This week I would like you to do a Wild Workout with Andy!