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Outdoor Learning

Butterfly Feeders

Butterfly feeders are great for encouraging butterflies to come into your garden. They are super simple to make and if you place them close to a window you can watch to see what species come for a feed.


To make one you need a glass jar, some string, clear tape and some flowers. To attract the butterflies you need to decorate the jar so that it looks like tasty flowers, so tape petals on the jar or you can paint some. Make a harness with the string so that it goes beneath the jar and then wraps around the rim so that it can hang securely. Next poke a small hole in the lid and place an absorbent material (string, sponge or wool) into the hole. Finally fill with sugary water and hang upside down from a tree. The string or wool will absorb the sugar water and encourage the butterflies to land and sip the sugary liquid.

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