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10 in 10: Complete the 10 questions in 10 minutes.


47 – 20 =                                             23 + 30 =

19 + 11 =                                             60 + 1 =

7 + 7 + 3 =                                          46 + 3 =

39 – 6 =                                               17 + 17 =

20 + __ = 60                                        16 - __ = 6


Times Tables Rockstars: Log into TTR* here and complete the session set.



Learning objective: I can identify and count the vertices in regular polygons.

I have put some words in bold and I would like you to think about what they mean.


Identify __________________________________________________________________

Count ___________________________________________________________________

Vertices _________________________________________________________________

Polygons ________________________________________________________________


Identify means to find and recognise something.

Count means to find a total, either by adding or subtracting.

The vertex is the point where two sides meet, what we may know as the corners. When we are talking about more than one vertex, we call them the vertices.

Polygons are 2D shapes with straight sides.



In focus: Look at the image below. What can you say about the polygons? Discuss this with somebody at home.



Let’s learn: Let’s look at the in focus together. We can see that the polygons are different to the other shapes like the circle. This is because the polygons have straight edges and the other shapes do not. On these polygons, we can see that there are points where the sides meet. The point where the sides meet is called the vertex, if there is more than one, we call them the vertices. If we look at the image below of a square, we can see that there are 4 vertices.



Have a go at identifying the sides and vertices in the polygon below:


Challenge: Draw a shape that has 4 equal sides and 4 vertices. What is this shape called?


The workbook and answers are attached below.