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10 in 10: Complete the 10 question in 10 minutes. These are also attached as a PDF and word document at the bottom of this page. 

Times tables: Watch the video below.

Can you answer the questions below?

2 x 2 =                                   10 x 2 =

8 x 2=                                   1 x 2 = 

12x 2 =                                 3 x 2 = 



Learning Objective: I can measure the height and length of items using parts of the body.


I have highlighted some key words in our learning objective and I would like you to think about what that word means.



Measure means to find the height, length, weight etc of an object. 


Height ___________________________________________________________________

Height tells us how tall an object is. We measure height from the bottom to top or top to bottom.

Length ______________________________________________________________________

Length tells us how long an object is. We measure length from end to end.


In focus: How long is a sofa? Which part of your body could you use to measure the sofa? If you have a sofa at home then you can use that to complete this activity. If you don’t have a sofa could you measure a chair or a table?  

I used my hands to measure my sofa. My sofa is about 10 hands long. Is there is a better way that I could have measured my sofa using a different part of the body? Can you explain why do you think that?

At the bottom of the page I have attached the workbook pages for you to work through and the answers for you to check your work. These can be found in the PDF/document file.