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10 in 10: Complete the 10 question in 10 minutes. These are also attached as a PDF and word document at the bottom of this page.

Times tables: Watch the video below.

Can you answer the questions below?

1 x 5 =                                   3 x 5 =

5 x 5=                                   6 x 5 = 

10 x 5 =                                 2 x 5 = 



Learning Objective: I can measure objects by using non-standard units of measure.

I have highlighted some key words in our learning objective and I would like you to think about what that word means.


Measure means to find the height, length, weight etc of an object. 


Non-standard units of measure_____________________________________________________

Non-standard units of measure are units of measure that are not typically used for measurement. These can be every day objects such as toys, pencils, socks or paper clips.






In focus: What is longer, the pencil or the crayon? If you have these objects at home then you can use them to answer the question. When you have your answer I would like you to think about how do you know that? Is there a way that you can show this?


I am going to use paper clips to explain my answer. What are you going to use?

Watch this video from the ‘Oak National Academy’ about measuring objects using non-standard units of measure.   

At the bottom of the page I have attached the workbook pages for you to work through and the answers for you to check your work. These can be found in the PDF/document file.