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In Numeracy we are focusing on fractions. Fractions are parts of a whole, whether it be a number or objects! 


LO: I can identify halves and quarters of shapes and amounts.


Halves- When we are looking at halves we are writing the fraction ½. Halving means we are going to be dividing a shape or amount into two equal parts.


Quarters- When we are looking at quarters we are writing the fraction ¼. When working with quarters, we are dividing a shape or amount into four equal parts.


Amounts- a number or quantity. 



Warm up:


Circle the largest number


1) 2     3

2) 5     8

3) 9     12

4) 23   21

5) 12   22


Main Activity:


For the next few days we will be working on understanding halves and quarters in shapes and amounts. Today we will be looking at identifying half of a shape.


Please watch this video and complete the activities on a separate piece of paper.

Please complete the independent task from the video:

Please complete the quiz below:

Please find attached the answers to the quiz below:


Challenge: Can you find anything at home you can cut in half?