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10 in 10: Complete the 10 question in 10 minutes.

Circle the biggest number:

  1. 23        11
  2. 23        23
  3. 9          19
  4. 32        34
  5. 36        26

Circle the smallest number

  1. 40       30
  2. 40       39
  3. 28       27
  4. 45       27
  5. 11       11


I have attached a number line to 50 at the bottom of this page that can help you answer these questions.


Times tables: Listen to this song and answer the questions below:

Multiply by 10 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

This multiplication song for 10 gives the multiplication facts for the 10 times table. This Multiply by 10 song has cool original music that is very contem...

2 x 10 =                         8 x 10 =

4 x 10 =                        10 x 10 =

6 x 10 =                        12 x 10 =





Learning Objective: I can solve word problems using equal groupings.


I have highlighted some key words in our learning objective and I would like you to think about what that word means.


Solve ______________________________________________________________


Word problems _____________________________________________________


Equal grouping ______________________________________________________




To solve means to find a solution.

Word problems are maths questions that we need to solve that are written in sentences rather than in number sentences.

Equal grouping means to have the same amount of items in different groups.


Warm up: Looking at the picture below, I can see that there are 2 boxes of chocolates. Both boxes have the same amount of chocolates within them. How many chocolates are there altogether? How do you know?


Let’s learn:

My first step is to find out how many chocolates are in the open box. I can see there are 4 groups of 2 (4 x 2). I can now complete this number sentence and I now know there are 8 chocolates in one box.

Now I know how many there are in one box, I can now figure out how many there are altogether. I see that there are 2 boxes of 8 chocolates (2 x 8). This is the same as doubling 8 as I have double the amount of boxes. I know that 8 + 8 (the same as 2 x 8) = 16. 


I know I have 16 chocolates altogether.


Can you work out the answers for the questions below? I shall attach the answers in a separate document below.








Answer these questions for an additional challenge:

Challenge answer:

Do not forget to send your work to me via the class email! I look forward to seeing your hard work.