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10 in 10

Take 10 minutes to practise your mathematical skills:

First Connect Three



I can answer reasoning questions on number and place value

This week we are going to revise these skills if needed and complete reasoning based worded problems on a range of topics. 


Since September we have looked at fractions, decimals and percentages regularly including:

  • Algebra
  • Time
  • Money
  • Area and perimeter
  • Measurement


Today I would like you to have a recap on the above mathematics topics and attempt the attached range of reasoning problems! This week is really going to test your knowledge and what you do and don't know. If you are really struggling with particular areas, you know it might need a little extra revision! This will be really helpful to know when we go back to school so that we can revise and practice any gaps :)

Tips and examples of working out worded problems are below! Some of the worded examples shown in the video may be very simple, however this is to remind you on key vocabulary and the procedure for working out a worded problem. Remember this is just revision so dig deep in your knowledge of what we have already looked at before J

Algebra Basics: What Is Algebra? - Math Antics

This video gives an overview of Algebra and introduces the concepts of unknown values and variables. It also explains that multiplication is implicit in Alge...

Algebra Basics: Solving Basic Equations Part 1 - Math Antics

This video shows students how to solve simple 1-step Algebra equations involving only addition or subtraction.Part of the Algebra Basics Series:https://www.y...

Area Formula Song - Fun Learning Math!

Learn the 6 major plane shape formulae musically: Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus/Kite and Trapezium (Trapezoid).