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10 in 10

  1. 4378 + 4747 =
  2. 4002 – 439 =
  3. 339 x 8 =
  4. 39992 / 6 =
  5. 2/3 of 258 =
  6. 348mm = …..cm
  7. 8.01m = … cm
  8. 4.09 kg = ….g
  9. 720mm = ….cm
  10. 3.4kg = …g

This week we are going to be revising some of our mathematical knowledge. We are going to enjoy doing maths by looking at different challenges! We will be building up our skills using small steps and at the end of the video you will be attempting some questions and tasks yourself (the link to the task is below the video) 


These math lessons are vital to your learning as it is reminding you of all the different ways which your mathematic knowledge can be applied. 


Today you will be looking at addition and subtraction! :) 

The Same Difference, Y5 & Y6

Exploring difference and using related subtraction facts to help children in Y5 and Y6 to become more fluent in calculation.

Boys, Girls Children, Y5 & Y6

Here we use equipment and bar models to solve a range of different sum and difference questions. Deep thinking for Y5 and Y6 mathematicians!