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Warm up

Today we are going to wake our brains up by counting on.

Can you start counting at 4 and stop when you get to 10?

Can you start counting at 7 and stop when you get to 11?

Can you start counting at 1 and stop when you get to 15?


Main lesson

Yesterday we looked at numbers to 15 and you created number cards to help you with ordering the numbers correctly.

First, can you order all the numbers from 0-15?


Then with an adult, can you play a game of what’s the missing number? Take it in turns to remove one number from the order, can your partner work out which number is missing?


Now I would like to you create a set of picture cards. Rather than writing the numeral on each card, can you represent the number using pictures?


Repeat the missing number game but this time using the picture cards? Was it easy to tell which number was missing?


Keep all your cards safe as you will need them for tomorrow’s lesson.