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Learning objective: I can use subordinating conjunctions in my narrative


Warm up: write as many adjectives as you can for this image.*



 *tall, thin, pointy.


I would like you to think about the learning objective and what the key words in bold mean. What do you think?



Subordinating conjunctions are _________________________________.

A narrative is ____________________________________.


Subordinating conjunctions are where the words: if, that, when, because; are used to introduce a subordinate clause (a sentence that doesn’t make sense on its own).



Here are some questions that are missing a subordinating conjunction, can you add the correct one in?



*if, when, because.




In each lesson we will have our success criteria to follow. The success criteria are what I need to see in your work to see what you are learning whilst at home.




Success criteria:


  • Subordinating conjunctions
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Paragraph
  • Build-up




Today we are going to build-up by focusing on Bean only. You need to think about how he moves, what he looks like, what his personality is like, where he lives and what he does as a job.



Have a look at the warm up image and character description of Bean from the book itself.



“Bean was a turkey and apple farmer. He kept thousands of turkeys in an orchard full of apple trees. He never ate any food at all. Instead, he drank gallons of strong cider which he made from the apples in his orchard. He was as thin as a pencil and the cleverest of them all.” – Fantastic Mr Fox.



Your main task today is to write the build-up to your narrative. Here is an example for you to follow.



It was a sunny morning when Farmer Bean was out picking rosy red apples in his orchard. He didn’t have to reach far to pick them because he was so tall. Farmer Bean found the juiciest apple that he would squeeze to make a tasty drink from. All of a sudden he heard huffing and shouting from Farmer Boggis and Farmer Bunce. He listened when they had said a fox had been stealing from their previous farms. Bean had to stop this fox stealing his turkeys and apples if he could think of a plan.



I look forward to reading your Bean build-up!


Literacy printable/editable