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Learning objective: I can use suffixes in my build-up


Warm up: write as many adjectives as you can for this image.*



 *fat, round, angry.


I would like you to think about the learning objective and what the key words in bold mean. What do you think?


A suffix is _________________________________.

The build-up is ____________________________________.


A suffix is a group of letters that goes at the end of a root word, changing the meaning.


Root word -> jump

Suffix –ing -> jumping


Root word -> quick

Suffix –ly -> quickly


This video focuses on suffixes we use in Year 2.

The build-up is where we begin to understand what is happening and a sudden event occurs.


In each lesson we will have our success criteria to follow. The success criteria are what I need to see in your work to see what you are learning whilst at home.



Success criteria:


  • Build-up
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Paragraph
  • -ly suffix



Today we are going to build-up by focusing on Boggis only. You need to think about how he moves, what he looks like, what his personality is like, where he lives and what he does as a job.

Have a look at this image and character description of Boggis from the book itself.



"Boggis was a chicken farmer. He kept thousands of chickens. He was enormously fat. This was because he ate three boiled chickens smothered with dumplings every day for breakfast, lunch and supper." Fantastic Mr Fox


Your main task today is to write the build-up to your narrative. Here is an example for you to follow.



Not far from Mr Fox’s underground burrow was large field where a successful chicken farmer lived. His name was Farmer Boggis and he was enormously fat because he happily ate nine chickens every day. Unfortunately he was nasty and mean and did not like his chickens being stolen. Boggis quickly knew what Mr Fox was up to and angrily wobbled to Farmer Bunce.



I have attached a word bank of –ly words you can use in your build-up below.




I look forward to reading your Boggis build-up!