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Friday 25th September 2020


L.O. I can use a range of openers to make my writing more interesting. 


W.up: Openers (60 seconds then go through and add more with your child) An opener is a different way to start a sentence other than using the word 'the'. Example of these would be; 


At that moment, one morning, suddenly etc. 


Children are to watch the clip where Carl finally reaches paradise falls. Children to use a range of openers to show anticipation, panic and relief as they finally reach safety and arrive at their destination. Looking back on previous learning from this week remind your child about the range of sentence types and punctuation that can be used to create effect. Adjectives, adverbs and abstract nouns can also really help in giving your audience that accurate picture in their heads. Give your child time at the end to go through and edit/up level their work.


Success criteria for this lesson is as follows: 


  • Openers 
  • Sentence types
  • Check sense
  • Punctuation 
  • Abstract nouns
  • Adverbs 
  • Adjectives.