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Wednesday 23rd September 2020


L.O. I can write a scene opening, introducing the character.


W.up: Unhappy vocabulary: 


Write down as many words as you can that mean unhappy (Give your child about 60 seconds to complete this and go through adding to the their bullet points as you go)


Today in literacy you are going to be writing an opening scene which introduces the main character Carl and his wife Ellie. During the clip attached, it shows Carls and Ellies life. As you watch Carls wife becomes old and dies. How do you think Carl feels? What do you notice about the way Carl looks that shows his grief? Focus on his facial expressions, mannerisms (how he moves) and how the colours in the scene change as he becomes alone. 


You should include a description of the old man throughout your writing and use a range of sentence types to create effect for the reader.


Your success criteria is as follows: 


  • abstract nouns
  • conjunctions 
  • check sense
  • punctuation 
  • adjectives