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Lesson objective:  I can use ‘and’ to join.


I would like you to think about the lesson objective and what the word highlighted in bold means?


And ________________________________________________________________

Conjunctions are words that are used to join clauses in a sentence. An example of a conjunction is ‘and’. E.g. The little girl enjoyed baking and decorating her unicorn biscuits.


We will be writing and illustrating our own narratives this week focusing on our lockdown stories



The story that we will be focusing on to help us with our narratives is ‘The world made a rainbow’ by Michelle Robinson. Here is the link to the story. I have also attached a PDF version of the story below.

The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson | Kids Book Read Aloud

readaloud #covid #teachersHello everyone, Today I will be reading the ever so wonderful book called "The World Made a Rainbow" by the talented author Michel...

In each lesson we will have our success criteria to follow. The success criteria are what I need to see in your work to see what you are learning whilst at home.


Success criteria:

  • ‘and’ to join
  • Paragraph

Main task:

We are going to be continue writing our narratives. Today we are going to be moving on to our second paragraph and beginning to tell our readers about one of the things that we have be doing during lockdown.  



In the story ‘The world made a rainbow’ we learn about the activities that the little girl did during lockdown. Can you remember what she did? She made a rainbow.


Task: Write the second paragraph of your story.  

Using the lockdown memory jar activity that you completed at the beginning of the week I would like you to choose one of the activities that you have done to write about in your next paragraph.


I chose my idea – planting delicious vegetables in my garden to write about in my second paragraph.   

Here is my example:     


In lockdown I have been helping my mum in the garden to plant some delicious vegetables for us to eat. I helped to plant yummy tomatoes in a big brown pot. It was a very messy job! There was soil everywhere! Mum says that once they have grown I can pick them. We are going to make a tomato pasta bake with them. My dad loves pasta bake!


Remember that our key objective today is to use ‘and’ to join in a sentence. Have you used ‘and’ to join? Can you edit your writing to include ‘and’ if you have not. Click on the link below to learn more about conjunctions.

You can also draw a picture/illustration under your second paragraph. Pictures are also another way that an author can add detail to their writing by supporting the reader to create a visual picture in their heads.   



Can you add some adjectives to give more detail? Click on the link below to learn more about adjectives.

Remember to check your work for capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and to check that you writing makes sense.


Please send me a picture of your writing to our class email. I am really looking forward to reading your stories!