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Lesson objective:  I can use verbs in my conclusion.    


Warm up: Create a mind map of all the things that you know about Shakespeare. Here is my example:

I would like you to think about the lesson objective and what the word highlighted in bold mean?


Verbs ______________________________________________________________

Verbs are doing words that describe an action such as swim, leap, hide.

Conclusion means ___________________________________________________________________________

A conclusion a summary at the end of a piece of writing that sums up or recaps the topic being discussed. 



Today we are going to continue writing our own fact file about the William Shakespeare.

In each lesson we will have our success criteria to follow. The success criteria are what I need to see in your work to see what you are learning whilst at home.


Success criteria:   

  • Paragraph
  • Verbs
  • ‘and’ to join  

Main task:

Today we are going to be focusing on the conclusion of our fact file. A conclusion is a summary or recap of the topic being discussed. We can also add some interesting and fun facts about the topic in to our conclusion.


Watch the clips below to learn more about why Shakespeare was famous and his achievements. Are there any interesting facts that you could add to your conclusion?  

CBeebies: Who is William Shakespeare?

Find out interesting facts about the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. Find out more about William Shakespeare and watch more clips from CBeebies' A Mi...

Here is my example:

William Shakespeare was a famous actor and he wrote 38 plays. You can visit the Globe theatre in London today to see some of his plays. He enjoyed playing board games such as chess and draughts.

Fun facts

  • Shakespeare created words/phrases that are still used today such as green-eyed, gloomy, lonely and unreal.
  • Shakespeare also wrote poems.



Challenge: Can you use ‘and’ to join? Watch the clip below to learn more about conjunctions.

Can you include verbs in your conclusion?

Remember to check your writing for capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and to check it makes sense.


You can send me a picture of your writing to our class email. I look forward to seeing them!